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Good people who take the time to help in what you need. – John, Grass Valley

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ANA Member - American Numismatic Association Lincoln Center Resource
NCS - Numismatic Conservation Services ANACS-American Numismatic Association Certification Services
PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service NGC – Numismatic Guaranty Corporation
Vamworld PMG - Paper Money Guaranty
American Numismatic Association A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau


New to Coin Collecting?

A few items of interest.

Coin Collecting Basics
Basically, coin collecting is obtaining or buying, collecting, trading, or selling forms of coins which are struck or minted.

Collecting Types
- Generalist: collects a few examples of a great variety of coins either historically or geographically
- Specialist: collects for a certain period of coins. Also error collectors for this category
- Completist: may collect or look for an example of every type of coin from withing a disctict period or category

COmmon Collecting Area
- By Country
- By Year
- By Mint Mark (P, D, S, W, C, CC)
- By Variety (die marriages, etc.)
- By Type (Barber, Morgan, Peace, Franklin, etc.)
- By Subject (portraits, landmarks, animals, historic people, etc.)
- By Period (i.e. 17th/18th/19th Century)
- Copies (These are coins that are copies of originals that may be too expensive for most to own)

Why do you want to collect?
- Investments
- Hobby

What are your interests?
- Gold
- Silver
- Mint/Proof Sets
- Circulated Coins
- Uncirculated Coins
- Type Sets

What type of coins?
- World Coins
- U.S. Coins
- Ancients

What is your budget?
- Weekly buys
- Monthly buys
- Occassional buys

Educating Yourself - see Recommended Books
- Buy The Book Before You Buy The Coin
- Become educated on your type of collecting before you buy

Slabs (Encapsulated Coins)
- Major grading companies grad and attribute and slab coins for a fee
- Stay away from 5th tier graders and stick with the top 4

Coin Clubs
- Join a local coin club to meet with and educate yourself

Coin Shows
- Many shows provide training (some at a cost) for many areas of the hobby
- Visit one when it comes to town

Storage of Coins/Paper Money
- Use only archival holders (non-pvc polyvinylchloride)
- Inert materials will not harm the coins/paper money
- Hard plastic holders are best. Mylar flips are okay but get hard over time and may scratch the coin(s)
- Safe: never store coins/paper money with guns or ammunition
- Do not bury your coins


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