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Coin grading &
The Sheldon Scale

The Sheldon Scale is a 70-point scale to grade coins. It was developed by Dr. William Sheldon in 1949.

Poor-1 or P1 Barely discernable, badly damaged or worn smooth
Fair-2 or F2 Type and Date barely readable, extremely worn
About Good-3 or AG3 Type and Date are discernable, some spots worn out. Some lettering appear ant.
Good-4 or G4 Major devices and features are evident, heavily worn
Good-6 or G6 Coin shows full rim major devices and features clearly outlined
Very Good-8 or VG8 Full rim with discernable devices and features clearly outlined
Fine-12 or F12 Distinct rim, all legends readable, clear devices, showing some detail, moderately and evenly worn
Very Fine-20 or VF20 Clearly readable yet lightly worn legends, devices show good detail, moderate wear on high points and very little wear below
Very Fine-30 or VF30 Legends clear, devices show all details with little wear, high points lightly worn
Extremely Fine-40 or EF40 Legends sharp, devices clear with slight wear on high points
Extremely Fine-45 or EF45 Legends and devices are sharp and clear with slight wear on high points, and great eye appeal
Almost Uncirculated-50 or AU50 Sharp legends and devices show only a trace of wear on the highest points. Must have some remaining luster
Almost Uncirculated-55 or AU55 Sharp legends and devices show only a hint of wear on high points. Remaining mint luster must be at least half; great eye appeal
Almost Uncirculated-58 or AU58 Virtually uncirculated except for minor wear marks on high points. Nearly all mint luster must be present and must have outstanding eye appeal
Mint State-60 or MS60 No trace of wear but may show contact marks and may be spotted
Mint State-63 (Choice) or MS63 May have distracting contact marks or blemishes. Luster may be impaired
Mint State-65 (Gem) or MS65 Above average that has very few contact mark, lightly toned, may be brilliant
Mint State-70 (Perfect) or MS70 Perfect condition, new coin, finest quality possible, no evidence of contact marks, blemishes, scratches, very few ever found in this condition
Proof-60or PF60 Surfaces may have several contact mars, hairlines, or light rubs. Luster may be dull and dye appeal lacking
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